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3 1/2 years ago I tripped over my own feet and landed on my butt.  After that fall I was in a lot of pain in my back and left leg.  My favorite chiropractor did what she could, but it still continued to worsen.  I finally gave in and saw a back surgeon.  He put me through several tortures and we came to the conclusion that fusion of the lower spine was necessary.

Unfortunately, even after the surgery,  over the next year the pain grew worse.  I also was diagnosed with severe anemia, which caused me to be so tired it would take me days to recover from a simple trip to the grocery store.  After several more torturous tests, physical therapy, painful injections and tons of medication, the surgeon realized that one of the screws in the original fusion had moved a milometer or so, causing a halo effect, which meant tons and tons of scar tissue.  Time to go in for a second surgery, this time to remove the screws on the left side as well as any scar tissue.  Once in there he also discovered there was a cyst sitting on the nerve root.

I was cleaned out, stapled up and that night I slept for the first time without extreme pain in the left side.  So where is this post leading us?  I wanted to share those screws with you. I no longer have a screw loose…its been removed :)

Apple Sauce

I always peruse the news back home.  Can’t help myself, I like to know what is going on, even tho I’m not there.  This includes previous duty stations, not just where I grew up.  But I digress.  On the local news website there was a slow cooker method for making apple sauce.  A very EASY slow cooker method.  No recipe.  Just a vague how to.  For some reason, I couldn’t resist.

So I peeled some apples.  Macintosh, Granny Smith and a Red Delicious.

Then I cored, chopped and dumped into a slow cooker with a handful of left over fresh cranberries to up the tartness as the apples seemed a bit too sweet.

For the record, if you don’t have slow cooker liners (sold next to oven bags in the grocery store) get them.  They make clean up a breeze.  Then I turned the slow cooker on low and let it cook for a few hours before adding two whole cinnamon sticks.  Lid back on and it went for the rest of the day.  I mashed it with the potato masher and voila! I had apple sauce.

OMG! Was this good.  Next time I will make a larger batch.  I also think a spice cake with warm apple sauce is in the future.  Soon.

Welcome to Breaded

I will be blogging about my life in the High Desert.  People, animals, places, food, laundry…wherever my fingers take us.    Of course, that is a royal “us” as I find it highly doubtful that anyone else will care to read this.