Burger Quest

Several weeks ago hubby and I were driving along and listening to the radio. The Palm Springs DJ was asking listeners to call in and advise on the best burgers in the area. Palm Springs is just about an hour “down the hill” (actually, down two mountain grades) from us. We are considered “high desert” as we are in the mountains and being at sea level they are “low desert”.

Whenever we are down there we debate over where to eat. There are tons of options from $ to $$$$, but not living there we don’t usually hear the good or bad. Now we have a list of places from Palm Springs to La Quinta, which covers the entire “low desert” area.

Hubby shoots xrays at the local hospital and was on call last week. This meant lots of overtime. With all that overtime a flex day was in order, so he unexpectedly has today off. That means a trip down the hill is in order to check out one of the places on our list, Frickleburgers. Maybe a movie after.

I need to print out the checklist so we will be ready to order. Updates to follow :)

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  1. Scott says:

    Heck yea, looking forward to a good time.

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