Spring has Sprung


I’m sitting here waiting for Billy from the local Air Conditioning company to come by. He’s going to service and start up our swamp cooler so that we’ll be ready as the warm weather is here and getting warmer. We need to be ready!

When we first moved into our house it was one of the coldest and wettest winters ever. We actually had snow in the desert.


We did not realize what the little bush was just off to the side of the driveway. Not until spring rolled around and it bloomed these amazing purple blooms. It was a lilac bush! I hadn’t seen one up close since leaving Iowa 20 years earlier.
And it is blooming nicely this year, even after a very mild winter and just in time for Easter.


Lilacs in bloom

Speaking of Easter, check out what I found at Wold Market last week:

Easter Pasta

Easter Pasta

This will go perfectly with our traditional Bunny Pizza Easter Dinner (details to follow).

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