A day with My Service Dog

I am constantly going in circles, trying to figure out which direction I should take. It honestly feels like I’m spinning a wheel and whatever comes up will be my plan of the day. I’m just waiting for it to show “meet Alien Life Forms in Landers and begin search for intelligent life.” Today’s challenge was to run errands. As tired and sore as I was from yesterdays adventures, I knew that my service dog would need to be coming with us. Desi Doo Doo Dane, our 3 year old rescue, is also my service dog in training. Into the truck and off we went.
Desi was ready to go!

The Farmers Market in Joshua Tree was our first stop. We got plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, ordered a special wrap around leash That I can use when I need both hands free, and even met up with friends and another Service Dog as well. We passed a pack of chihuahuas that were screamin’ and given their mom fits but all the other dogs were well behaved. I love the farmers market. Everyone is friendly and love to meet the dogs. We always gain what we call the Pupparazzi following us and asking for pictures.

After the farmers market we headed out to lunch at Papa’s Smoke House for some pulled pork. Desi was awesome. He laid down beside the table and the server even brought him a bowl of water. He did give an eye to our food and I think he looked a bit peeved that he got water and we had barbecue…but I made up for it in the car with his lamb treats.

From there we headed to Unique Garden Center where Mike and his crew are full of desert landscaping help and pointers and have Mesquite honey which we need to deal with Dixies allergies. It’s also where Desi saw his very first chicken!

Last stop on our trip was Home Depot to pick up misc stuff for a secret project that I am working on. Heading for home, Desi was napping in the back until we pulled in to a convenience store near home.

“Mom…can’t dad go in the store while we stay in the car, puhleezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze?”
He was pretty tuckered out and took a long nap when we arrived home.

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