Rescue Run

A common practice at our local shelter is for folks to tie a dog to the shelter’s gate while closed. This is very dangerous as it leaves the dog vulnerable and unable to defend itself from the coyote that live in the surrounding desert. A few weeks ago the staff arrived one morning to find a sweet, well-mannered senior Doberman. There was a message on the answering machine telling them his name was Noah. Noah had obviously been taken care of as he was in good shape, was well trained and very sociable both with people and other dogs.

Contact was made with a Doberman rescue here in southern California and arrangements were made so that Noah could live at the sanctuary after being neutered to take care of an enlarged prostate. Travel plans were made to meet a representative from the rescue at a dog park midway between us. Neil, of Committed Canines and I headed off this past Tuesday, Noah in the backseat. Noah was an excellent traveler, watching the scenery as we drove the 90 miles.

At the dog park Noah we allowed to play while waiting for the rep to arrive. This dog had a blast running around, sniffing and enjoying the interaction with Neil and I. There were also lots of treats and a ‘picnic’ lunch of kibble. Because of a bridge fire the rescue rep was running late so we enjoyed our extra time with this sweetheart.

Checking out the grass at the dog park

Smiling Noah

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Noah as he left for his forever home, a 6 1/2 acre sanctuary where he would be free to roam and play all day and sleep inside at night.

Saying goodbye.

I plan to be involved in a lot more happily-ever-after endings.

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  1. Thank You for the mention. Your passion and enthusiasm is what drives us.

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