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So here I am, bringing more random shots from our lives. Hope you enjoy :)

Behind the Camera

I first developed a passion for photography in high school but realized that it was too expensive to keep up with. I resigned myself to point and shoot cameras. When digital came along I was able to shoot more pictures, although stuck with point and shoot until the SLR cameras finally were in a price range I could afford. After all, this is a hobby for me.

What I really love about photography is that it crosses all compartments of my life. Progress photos in construction are a must, documenting my food adventures is fun and capturing both my animals and the dogs I train is terrific. I like to capture life as it happens, whether a flower blooming, a dog romping or a fabulous dinner. People I meet, adventures we have or just plain every day moments, it is all fair game.

And now I want to share some of these random moments.