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Temecula Winery Tour

A couple of months ago I was lucky to spot a Groupon for a tour of Temecula wineries. This one stood out in that it was a horse drawn trolley tour, which really sounded like a wonderful way to spend the day. Hubby has talked about doing a winery tour for some time and with his birthday approaching I thought it would be a fabulous way for him to celebrate. Since I am not a wine fan I would be the designated driver. The perk for me, tho, was that I would have some gorgeous scenery to shoot pictures of.

I emailed and received a quick reply confirming our reservation. It also included where we would be picked up, the wineries we would be visiting and how long the tour would take.

We drove down, arriving a little early. As we waited a several other people joined us in our wait. The hostess, Marika, arrived at the scheduled time and gave us a brief run down on the cost if we wished to participate in the wine tastings, how long we would have at each stop and even her favorite stops and wines. We purchased the discounted wine tastings and very soon the trolley arrived and we clip clopped off on our tour.

The horse drawn trolley arrived.

The horse drawn trolley arrived.



Mark, our host and driver

Mark, our host and driver






We look forward to trying the B&B when it opens

We look forward to trying the B&B when it opens


Our dinner, hand tossed pizza.

Our dinner, hand tossed pizza.



rainfall Torrential rainfall on our way home caused some flooding[/caption]

We wrapped up our tour at Lorimar Winery where they served the best hand tossed pizza. It took us back to our dating days and The Tavern, a little pizza place we went to often.

This was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday. We came home with several bottles of wine, glasses from the tastings and a few goodies I picked up in the gift shops. We definitely plan to do it again, hopefully staying at the Bed and Breakfast after it opens.

Weekend Close to Home

Vegetarian Sunday Lunch

My son came over and put new brakes on my car. As a reward, we tried a new recipe he had been asking about, Linguini with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Linguini with Creamy Avocado Sauce

I’ll make this again, but use half the lemon called for in the recipe. I am very sensitive to sour or tart flavors. Can’t even drink wine for that reason, have to stick to the hard stuff!

Attack of the 29 Palms’ Zombie

A favorite past time around here is target practice. So we headed to the local range.

29 Palms Pistol and Rifle Club

Where we met up with our partners in crime, er, friends, Marcus and Sandi.

Partners in Crime

One must always be ready to defend against any enemies, foreign, domestic and Zombie. But it appeared we might be too late.

Zombie Box

There was already a Zombie lurking.

Marcus took Zombie matters into his own hands.

Marcus was on it, tho. He was taking matters into his own hands and attempting to strangle the intruder.

Scott shooting the zombie

Then Scott commenced shooting said Zombie. Until we saw daylight through him and he bled neon pink all over the place.

You could see daylight when we were done.

Look close…you’ll see daylight in the middle of his chest. Meanwhile, I wandered off to shoot with my camera…don’t tell anyone, but that is my preferred medium. I will shoot a gun to defend myself and my family, but I shoot with my camera to entertain myself.

My favorite view. The transfer station for the county dump!

Western View

Finally, the sun was starting to go down behind the mountains and the wind had kicked up something fierce. So it was time to call it a day.

Sun slipping behind the mountains.

Now my brain was moving towards our next stop, but first it was North towards the highway…

Heading towards the highway.

And West towards town…

Go West! Back to town.

And our final stop…the best pizza around.

Rocky's Pizzeria

All in all, it’s been a pretty good weekend!